How To Apply Teflon Tape To Stop Leaks

This article is about how to apply Teflon tape to stop leaks. Its an article, not a book, and its not Chinese, but what are you gonna do, seriously. Hire a plumber to do this instead, if you prefer.

To stop a leak with teflon tape you will need rubber gloves, scissors, Teflon tape, an old rag, paint thinner and pliers that are adjustable. First turn off the tap so there is no water coming out of the pipes.

Use your adjustable pliers to remove the shower rose from the shower. Turn anti clockwise and put the shower rose in a nearby position so it is easy to find again. Use the cloth to get rid of any surplus water and to rub the shower pipe free of any previous compound to ensure it is clean. If remaining compound has hardened on the shower pipe, put on rubber gloves and use the paint thinner solution to rub on and remove the excess compound. At this point you should have a clean pipe with no excess compound on it, and you are ready to go.

Use your Teflon tape to wrap around the hose pipe at the screw position apply the tape in the direction of the thread. If you add the tape in the wrong direction, you may find that it comes undone in some parts, and when you add the shower hose, the water will leak out. Therefore, it is important to wrap the Teflon tape in the direction of the thread so when you add the shower rose, it will stay on.

When you replace the shower rose, turn it around with your adjustable tie pliers but not too tight. Complete the turn with your hand. If you use the pliers and turn it too tight, this may also cause a leaking problem in the future. Finally, don’t actually do it yourself, plumbers Gore can do it.

When you have finished turn on the water supply and check the shower is no longer leaking. If it is no longer leaking, return your tools to their correct places and clean up your working area. If the shower is still leaking, please return to the instructions again and carry them out again in full and correctly.

Wild Swans

This is a website about great books that have been written in China, in Chinese or about China. I want to talk about many books but the first one is Wild Swans. It’s really long! Its a story of 3 generations of women, i.e.grandmother, mother, and daughter. It goes through the war with Japan, it covers foot binding, it discusses communism under Mao Zedong, it’s a really cool book.

It’s fascinating how the Chinese history mingles simultaneously with character development and the plot – they integrate together,  it’s really cool. You should totally go read it.

Here’s a video about the author, Jung Chang.